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HELLO! I’m Violeta! Sorry for shouting, just making sure you heard me from all the way down here, coz even for a chihuahua I’m pretty small!

I came to Amigos in July with my friend Melissa after we were found abandoned nearby in Barra de Potosí. Luckily the lovely folks at Amigos found us and took us in to get us cleaned up and they are kindly taking care of us now.

As is the way of the chihuahua I’m confident but can be a little skittish. I love running around the ankles of the volunteers until they come down to my level to give me scratches but being this cute it’s not that hard to get their attention!

They say I’ve got this thing called “cherry eye”, I know the name sounds cute but actually it’s a bit of a nuisance. For now it’s not a big deal but I think in the future a quick surgery would make me more comfortable.

Recently I’ve been learning to trot alongside the humans on leash and I really like going for little adventures in the jungle - or really anywhere!

Are you looking for a pocket sized princess to hang with? I reckon I’m your gal! Hit the adoption application button and let’s hang out!

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