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If you want to bring a dog or a cat to the shelter, please, DO NOT!
The sanctuary is 3 times over it’s capacity! There is literally not enough space, food and money.

Our sanctuary is a hospice for the most vulnerable, if you are prepared to cover vet expenses and donate monthly to keep your rescue dog or a cat at the sanctuary, we will consider if the animal is in life and death situation, a senior, a disabled animal, or a very young / newborn and not able to survive on their own. 

If the animal is dying or will die soon without medical help, please, immediately take them to the vet , take photos, videos and let us know .


If the animal is in relatively ok condition and needs some TLC, BE the HERO, be the part of our incredible team of volunteers and take this animal to the nearest vet and provide him or her with the vet care they need , then spay or neuter and return back to the place where found. 

Please,  consider taking your rescue animal with you to US or Canada to the local shelter or rescue group in your hometown. It’s easy and fast to bring a rescue animal with you to US or to Canada, we will help and guide you how to do that .
You have extremely high chances of finding a good home for your rescue there while here you will leave them to life of abuse and pain.


here are just a few examples of life and death cases we deal with on a daily basis and we truly need your help , YOU to be a HERO, your donations and support to keep our doors open and to continue fighting for better future for animals in Mexico.

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