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Adoption Process

1. Fill in an adoption application. You can apply for a particular animal or choose to explore your options with the help of our team.


2. Have an interview with our adoption coordinator.


3. If approved, we’ll work together to ensure the right match for you.


4. We work with flight angels (transport volunteers) to get your pet to you. We advertise on social media when we have transport available, or when we have animals needing transport to certain places - please note, it’s easier to send the pets to large international airports so we ask you to be flexible with this. 

This process can take a few days but may be up to a couple of months depending on flight angel availability. 

Some adopters choose to come and visit in person to meet and collect their new family member, and that’s great too - you’ll be able to work with our adoption coordinator to find the most suitable option for you.


Adoption fees for dogs are $500 USD or $550 CAD this fee covers: 

  • Required vaccination and vaccination record (bordetella, rabies, DHPP)

  • Veterinary health certificate (a requirement for transport)

  • Airline cargo fees

  • Airfare (if applicable, pets need to be accompanied by a passenger)

  • Customs fees

  • Customs paperwork 

  • All arrangements to get your pet from our shelter to you


In the event your pet cannot be transported to you within 45 days of adoption approval, we ask for a contribution of $50 USD per month to help us cover shelter expenses until transport can be arranged. 


Should you wish to adopt a cat, please contact us for more information on the process and fees.


Should you have any questions about the adoption process, fees, or transport, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also love to receive updates on how everyone is settling in, in the initial days, weeks, and beyond!

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