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Can I adopt a dog if I have cats?


Here at Amigo's we have around 130 cats in our care, so a lot of our dogs are familiar with cats. If there is a particular dog you are interested in and you have cats at home, please let us know and we can see how they behave in a close environment with our cats.


Can I adopt a dog if I have other dogs?


Most of our dogs are very used to living with other dogs without any issues. Just let us know so we can ensure that we have the right match for your dog too.


Can I adopt if I have children?


Many of our dogs have been adopted by families with children, but of course, this is difficult for us to test before adoption. We can answer any questions about the dog, their nature and work together to find a good fit, however, not all dogs are suited to live with children. 


Can I adopt if I am outside the US/Canada?


Whilst most of our animals are adopted to the US & Canada, we can provide assistance to get a pet to you if you live elsewhere. Please keep in mind, there can be additional costs involved and the process might take a bit longer. We’re here to help you every step of the way!


What do the fees cover?


Fees cover required vaccination and vaccination record (typically bordetella, rabies, DHPP), veterinary health certificate, airline cargo fees, airline airfare (if applicable - pets must be accompanied by a passenger), customs fees, customs paperwork, and all arrangements to get your pet from our shelter to your airport.


How long does the process take?


We aim to process applications within a few days, but this will depend on how long it takes for the references to respond. Once approved, it depends on the transport & adopter's schedule.


How much does it cost?


Adoption fees for dogs are $500 USD or $550 CAD.

In the event your pet cannot be transported to you within 45 days of adoption approval, we ask for a contribution of $50 USD per month to help us cover shelter expenses until transport can be arranged. 


Should you wish to adopt a cat, please contact us for more information on the process and fees.


If you would like to keep the transport crate that will be an additional $100 CAD or $75 USD


Are the dogs trained?


Our volunteers work their hardest to teach basic commands and provide basic training, however, we have many dogs in our care & limited volunteers. Our dogs live in an open corral environment and as such they may need some extra help learning what is and isn't appropriate behaviour.


What happens after adoption?


We would love for all of our adopters to stay in contact with us & give updates on how your pet is doing. Alongside our public social media, we have a Facebook group for adopters you can join! We hope you can continue to support the work we do by following our social media, sharing our posts & setting up a monthly donation of whatever you can afford.


My question wasn't answered, how can I find out more information?


Please get in touch with us if you still have any questions:

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