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Hey folks! I’m Sara. I live here at Amigos with four of my siblings, we’ve been here since early 2022 when we arrived as little pups. I’m a tad shy around some of the dogs here - especially the big ones who love to play rough! But don't let that fool you, I've got my playful moments and love to indulge in an occasional zoomie run!

My favourite thing though? Spending time with humans! I find it so comforting being around people and sometimes, I even try to be a lap dog (even if I'm a smidge too big for it!).

Walking with me is super easy, I’m a good girl on leash and rarely pull. Sometimes I get carried away and pull when everyone else does, but hey, a girl's got to have some fun, right? 🤭

If you’re looking for a sweet and slightly silly girl to spend your days with, I’ll be here waiting for your adoption application ❤️

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