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Hola! My name is Martina, although sometimes the volunteers at Amigos call me Martini because I’m a fancy lady. If you don’t fall for my beautiful blue eyes I think my loving, funny and independent personality should do the trick!

I’m a very sweet lady who loves cuddles and human attention, although I’m a bit more picky when choosing canine friends, but who needs dogs when you’ve got humans - right?! All you have to do is say my name to get my tail wagging, and I love nothing more than having a good cuddle or getting belly scratches.

I arrived at Amigos a few years ago ready to give birth to my beautiful puppies who all quickly found homes. However, shortly after giving birth, the veterinarian discovered that I had TVT Cancer. Luckily, with the help of my friends at Amigos, I was treated and have made a full recovery.

On the leash, I’ll trot alongside you and usually never pull, only backwards sometimes, when I decide it’s time to go home, or sometimes if there’s a new dog (or chicken) I’d like to meet.

I would love to find a loving forever home where I receive lots of attention and care. I would prefer not having to share my space, treats or cuddles, but I can learn to adapt as I often have to share the house at Amigos with other dogs when they’re invited inside and I happily let it slide as long as I still get my fair share attention from the humans!


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