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What’s up people! I’m Marcos - it’s good to meet you! I arrived at Amigos a couple of months back. You might have seen my story on social media? One of the volunteers was out walking and found a cardboard box on the side of the road all tied up with a little puppy inside, and that puppy was me!

I’m so grateful that they found me, it was pretty scary being in that little box and I don’t know what would have happened if they didn’t find me and take me in!

Now I’m having the time of my life, running around playing with the other puppies here and getting daily walks and cuddles with the volunteers!

I’m still a puppy and still growing bigger, which is making this place feel smaller. So although I might miss the volunteers and all my doggie friends here, I think I’m ready to pack my bags and find myself one of these “forever homes” I’ve heard so much about!

Got room at your place for a cheeky, cuddly guy like me? Fill in an adoption application and I’ll see you soon ❤️

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