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Greetings friend! The name is Lee. I’m nearly 2 years old, and a generally laidback kind of guy. I’m rarely involved in any scuffles or silly business here!

I don’t mind a good run around or playtime, but I mostly tend to keep to myself and prefer to hang out in the shade and watch the other dogs get themselves into trouble. And being the gentleman I am, you won’t find me pulling when we’re out walking, no ma’am!

While I don’t like to admit this, I sometimes get a bit nervous when I see new dogs or we take a new route out walking, but with you by my side, I know I can do anything, I just need some encouragement before tackling the unfamiliar!

Occasionally I can get a bit grumbly if others try to share my food, but hey, every gentleman has his quirks, right?

So if you’re after a cool, calm and collected doggo in your life, maybe get in touch via adoption application and we can hang out soon?

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