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Hiya, my name is Reina. In February ’23 I became the proud mother to ten wonderful puppies. I’m still a little tired after raising my kids, (gosh they ask for a lot don’t they?) but now they’re getting a bit older they don’t need me as much and I’m quietly a bit excited that they will be ready to fly the coop soon and am ready to hopefully do the same myself!

I’m a sweet gal with excellent manners, especially on leash, I only know this because the volunteers here are always complimenting me on this!

My favourite thing at the moment is a quiet walk in the woods, followed by breakfast and a quiet (read: puppy-free) snooze in the shade.

My ideal home, you ask? Well, yours of course! I really get along with everyone I’ve met so far and can’t wait to meet you!

January 2020


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