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Hey friends! My name is Nicola. That's me there in the photo, pretty handsome right?! I know it looks a bit like I ate a bee, but my lips are all natural and all the better to smooch you with! I think I might even be the best kisser here at Amigos!

I’ve been living at the shelter for a few years now and man they’ve been good to me! I have this thing with my back legs, the humans call it hip dysplasia, but I just call it a pain in the butt!

I used to love going for runs and jumping around at the beach, but I know that too much activity isn’t good for my hips anymore. That being said, I’m well-mannered on leash and still love a daily stroll to get out of the house.

I get along really well with all the dogs here and you won’t find me joining in any scuffles, but I really don’t mix well with the feline crowd and wouldn’t be suited to a house with cats.

Also not a cat lover? Hit me up via the adoption button for feline-free hangs and gentle strolls about town!

(PS: Swipe to see me and my siblings on the day we arrived here at Amigos. They have all been adopted to loving homes, they tell me it will be worth the wait!)

January 2018


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