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Hi there, I’m Cacha! I’m a pretty sweet little guy, full of energy and affection in equal measure! I may not be the first to run into a wrestle, but I don’t shy away when it’s playtime and I’m super friendly with both doggies and people. I love a good game, but if I’m being honest, cuddle time is my favourite!

I’m pretty good on a leash too - most of the time… Sometimes I can be easily distracted by the wonders of the world (like lizards or interesting scents!) but I try to be a good boy and fall back to trot alongside you.

A perfect day for me includes a good walk or outdoor adventure, followed by a tasty breakfast and some snoozy snuggle time - sound good to you?

I arrived at Amigos with my brother Dolby and while we’d love to go to a home together, we know that not everybody has space for us both and we’ll be so happy for each other even if we go to separate forever families! Plus, I figure if I can write all of this then surely we can stay in touch as pen pals anyway!

So if you’re looking for a sweet little boy (or two!) to join you for adventures and snuggles, fill out an adoption application today!

March 2023


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