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Hi there, my name is Andrea! I came to Amigos with my brother Adriano some time ago, and while I love him and all the friends I’ve made here, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about moving in with someone new - might that be you?

I’m an energetic gal and nothing makes me happier than a long walk or run exploring the outside world. I get a bit excited when it’s time to go out and know I need to work on not pulling the humans out the door when it’s time to take them for a walk.

But don’t worry, my volunteer pals here have been working on my walking manners and I’m a quick learner - if I may say so myself 😉

While I can put on the independent act at first, really I want nothing more than to be close to my people and love a good cuddle once I’m comfortable.

I get along well with other dogs (I’ve got 19 housemates so I know how to share my space!) that being said, I’d definitely prefer to be your top gal and might do better in a house with male dogs or as your only canine companion.

But enough about me, fill in an adoption application and you can tell me all about yourself!

March 2020


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