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Hi! I'm Rosalinda ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm about 1 year old now but have been at Amigos since I was a baby. They took me in and bottle-fed me at only a few days old. I was found without my mum and lost my siblings, but being a little fighter, I grew into a beautiful girl! Since the amigo team saved my life, I like to thank them with extra cuddles, kisses and affection! (Swipe to see my journey)

I like to get to know other dogs and people first, but once confirmed they are nice, my fun and sweet personality comes through and I might even play! The volunteers love my freckles and I am the only ginger pup of the pack.

Oh, my eye you are asking? No idea what happened, I must have been too young to remember. But the other eye works perfectly fine, I don't need special care and I can navigate the world just like any other dog.

While I like other dogs, I don't like sharing my food with them, so in my dream home, I would like to be the only princess or share with cats like I used to.

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