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Rico (previously Jorge) has been reintroduced to the shelter this month. He was adopted back in August but unfortunately he was not a great fit with the adopter so he was brought back to us. We would love to find Rico a new forever home!
Rico was shy around the dogs when he first came back, but now fits right in with our teenagers. He is usually found playing with them but also loves getting his ‘me-time ‘ in! He is extremely affectionate with people & he is never far from our volunteers giving them kisses.
He has the most gorgeous coat & beautiful eyes! He would make the perfect pet & would fit right into a house with other dogs.
Rico was originally found outside the shelter as a puppy with his sister Gloria in February this year. She has since been adopted and we would love for the same to happen with Rico. He will be coming up to his 1st birthday soon, and the best gift we can give him is a family to shower him with the love he deserves!

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