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‘Sup guys! It’s Matias here 👋 I’m a handsome young fella and I’m on the hunt for my forever home!

I’m energetic and playful and love nothing more than to run around with my friends, canine or human, it doesn’t matter to me as long as they’re ready to play!

I’m a social boy and get along well with other dogs, especially those who can keep up with my boisterous energy!

On leash I’m usually pretty good but can be easily distracted when something exciting like a lizard goes by! But I quickly regain my cool, I promise... 🦎😁

After a day of play, I transform into a snuggle monster, using my sweet puppy eyes to charm my way into getting all the belly rubs and cuddles my little heart desires.

Looking for a furry friend to join in your adventures and be your loyal companion? Fill in an adoption application today!

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