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Hello friends! I’m Malu 👋 I'm a sweet girl who found my way to Amigos alongside my three sisters in 2022 when we were just young pups. Since then I’ve grown into quite the adventurer!

Sometimes when the volunteers are out walking the other dogs I join them off-leash and bound alongside them, always making sure to stay close by. And I’m always sure to be back in time for the important stuff - like breakfast and cuddles with the volunteers!

When I’m not running free range, I walk really well on leash and regularly peep over my shoulder to check that you’re keeping pace.

Around the shelter, you can find me chilling in the shade during lazy afternoons, observing the silly antics of my friends. While I enjoy a good play, I'm all about the good vibes—none of that rough stuff for me!

And while you won’t catch me fighting with other dogs, I’m a fighter in my own right! A while back, I had an encounter with an icky, dangerous spider 🕷️ But guess what? Thanks to the amazing vets and the folks at Amigos, I got all fixed up and came out on top. Take that, spider! Nothing can keep me down 💪

If you’re looking for a courageous canine companion who loves adventure and snuggles in equal measure, look no further - I’m your gal!

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