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Hey friend, I'm Gloria! I arrived at Amigos early in 2023 with my mom and siblings. While I adore my family, at nearly a year old now I believe it's time to find my own place—could it be with you?

I'm boisterous in the best way, with playtime being my absolute favourite. You can usually find me playing tag and wrestling with my siblings, with breaks for the important stuff like naps and snacks!

I'm pretty good on a leash, but like most pups, I could benefit from more training. My excitement for adventures sometimes makes me forget my manners momentarily, but don't worry—it's all in the spirit of adventure!

Despite my playful antics, I'm also a big softie and ready for cuddle sessions anytime. Expect a cheeky lick or two when you least expect it - I can’t help myself and gotta show my affection somehow!

If you're seeking a doggo friend who balances fun and snuggles, let's embark on this adventure called life together! Fill out an adoption application, and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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