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Chispita (in Vancouver)

Pita was rescued off the streets of Zihua, where she had a tough start in life. She has a few small burn scars, evidence of some abuse. When she came to Amigos, she was heavily pregnant, starving, and none of her pups survived. She thrived at Amigos though, and is now in great health. She is spayed, dewormed, microchipped, all shots up to date, and on Advantage. She has seen a local vet and passed with flying colours. She is approximately 2 years old, weighs about 35 lbs, and is energetic and strong. Pita is one of the smartest dogs we have ever met! She is very tuned in to her person - and so eager to please. She understands the word no, and although she might test boundaries a bit, it does not take her long to stop testing and accept the rules.

She is completely housetrained, loves chewing her toys, and is not destructive in the house. She is also good on leash at this very early stage, but will need further training. She is very food motivated, so she will be easy to train using rewards. She is a bit reactive with other dogs, and nervous, although when she is leashed and kept under watch, she does behave quite well. We think that once she has had more time to adjust to her new life, and with the right owner, this nervousness will ease up. But she does still smell like an unspayed dog, so other dogs are either nervous with her or want to sniff her rear, which she is very uneasy with.

She has not been tested with kids or cats, and we don't feel she will be a good fit to live with either. She likely would steal kids food, leading to problems, and she seems to have a high prey drive so a cat is not probably a good fit either. She is full of spunk and joy. Pita needs a quiet loving home where she can grow into feeling safe and loved. We adore this girl and want to find her a home where she will be happy and safe for the rest of her life!

If you can help with fostering until we find her a suitable home, or are interested in potentially adopting, we would be forever grateful for your help.

Chispita (in Vancouver)
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