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Hello world, it’s me, Berta! Your new best friend with a heart as golden as her coat 💛 I’m over a year old and have to say while I still have that fun puppy energy, I’m a little more reserved than my rough-and-tumble siblings. But that only means I’m the most affectionate of the pack 😌

And don't let my quiet demeanour fool you – I'm always up for a game, I just prefer to be a spectator when things get too silly. I still cheer my brothers and sisters on with my wagging tail and a big grin from the sidelines.

I’m a good girl on leash and enjoy sniffing my way around the neighbourhood, forest or beach. As long as you’re by my side, anywhere is the best place for an adventure!

If you're looking for a loyal friend who's the perfect blend of sweet and playful, look no further. Fill in an adoption application and we can hang out super soon!

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