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Hey friend! My name is Rony, good to meet ya! Are you looking for a doggo but can’t commit to the long daily walks? Look no further - I’m your man!

Back when I was younger, someone did something pretty mean to me and now my front feet look a bit different to all my friends. I don’t let it get me down though, why focus on the past when the future is so bright?!

So yeah I've got a limp in my step and might not be the best pick for hiking or trail running but I still love a nice walk and keep up well with the others if we’re not going too far.

Despite my fancy feet, I’m a pretty energetic and playful guy and would love to find my forever person to hang out and play with for the rest of my years.

All the volunteers here say I look like a fox and while I don’t actually know what that is, I think it sounds kinda cool! I’m ready to charm you and your friends with my good looks and affectionate nature.

All sound good to you? Fill in an adoption application and I’ll see you soon!



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