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Hello reader, I’m Rico! At Amigos I'm known for mostly keeping to myself and out of trouble. I love lounging in the shade, observing what the humans and other dogs are doing with their days.

I never push to the front of the queue for anything but I love a cuddle or a walk when it’s my turn. And just between us, nothing makes me feel more special than when I'm chosen first!

I’m a people pleaser and have learned that my volunteer friends like it when I stand with my front feet on a chair to help them get my harness on.

I can get a bit excited once out of the house but always want to keep the humans happy so don’t pull much after the first minutes.

It takes a lot for me to get angry, and I don’t usually react even if provoked but sometimes a yappy, snappy chihuahua interrupting my walk can get on my last nerve.

What do I picture when I think of my forever family? A loving home where I'm always chosen first for an outing or a cuddle. Sound like your place? Fill out an adoption application today!

January 2022


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