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‘Sup guys! I’m Palmer, but you can call me your new best friend! While I’m not a large dog, what I lack in size I make up for in personality! You’ll quickly learn that my playful energy is just as infectious as my giant smile.

Adventures? Count me in! A walk to explore the neighbourhood, a hike in the great outdoors, a run in the park, whatever you’re into - I'm there!

I love a cuddle and get so excited when the volunteers come to spend time with me. And trust me, I know how to turn the charm on to get some belly rubs and affection 😌

In terms of my social preferences.. while I love playing with other dogs, they don’t always love playing with me. I just want to have fun but sometimes in all the excitement I can play a bit rough and get myself into trouble. So I think I might be best suited to being the only dog in the house - but that means more bonding time for you and me, right?!

I promise if you fill in an adoption application, I’ll bring fun, laughs and a whole lot of love into your life. So what do you say?!

June 2022


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