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Hey hey hey! I’m Luna! That's me in the photo, I look a bit like a tiger huh? And I've decided it's time this little tiger started looking for her forever family! I’m about 6 months old and came to Amigos a few months back with my two brothers when we were really little. Unfortunately, I lost them both when we had the horrible Parvovirus outbreak 💔 But I managed to fight off the evil virus and am now gonna live my life to the fullest to honour my little brothers.

I love to play and can wrestle as well as any of the big doggos here - don’t let them tell you they can’t be beaten by a puppy!

So safe to say I’m a lively gal and need a good walk and play daily to burn a bit of my energy off so I don’t use it to get into trouble!

When I'm not playing, I’m happiest when having a good snuggle. Even though I’m getting bigger now, I still love it when the volunteers pick me up or let me curl up in their lap for a cuddle.

I share my space here with other puppies and adult dogs and we all get along great, so I would happily live somewhere with other dogs - as long as they also like to play!

So if you’ve got a place in your home for a playful little gal, fill in an adoption application and I'll be snuggling in your arms in no time!

April 2023


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