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Hi there, my name is Lucia!๐Ÿ•โ€๐Ÿฆบ
I am celebrating my first birthday this month. While I would love some new toys, I only wish to celebrate my following birthdays in my forever home. What should that home look like, you are asking? To be honest, I am open to anything. It might be best to not live with young children as I am pretty large and could accidentally knock them over when getting excited. Having a dog buddy to play with, on the other hand, sounds incredible. But as long as my new people keep my cheeky mind occupied, being the only furry child works for me. As much as I love to exercise, I also love attention. We could adventure during the day and cuddle on the sofa in the evening. You tell me your stories, and I tilt my head listening. The volunteers here tell me I am intelligent, so I try to prove them right by not pulling on my leash. I'm still young and need training, but being a shepherd mix, I learn quickly and am eager to please. I hope to hear from you!

April 2022


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