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Hi! My name is Liborio, but my friends call me Libo. I guess you could say I’m a bit of an introvert. It’s not like I don’t like people - quite the opposite actually - but having been hurt in the past, I just want to make sure I can trust you first. Since I moved to Amigos, I have opened up and made so many friends, but sometimes the past creeps up on me and I get scared, especially by new men. Being a true Hot Dog Connoisseur, special treats are the way to my heart. The volunteers say I’m the perfect large dog on small legs and I would have to agree. They also like how I wrap my body around them and boop them with my nose when asking for attention. My ideal home would be somewhere with nice ladies that are happy to work with me through scary moments and enjoy cuddles and quality time. I like the other dogs I live with and wouldn’t mind some four-legged siblings in my future home. In case you know someone that sounds like we would make a good team, please share this with them and let them fill out the application form! Thanks, Liborio

December 2020


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