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Hola, nice to meet you! I am Karla. Let me tell you a little about myself, so you can determine if we could be the perfect match! I came to Amigos with my two puppies, Maya and Boris. They were super cute and found homes quickly, but I stayed behind. Knowing my babies are safe now, it is time to put myself out there to find a loving home. Not knowing love while I lived on the streets, I now want to make the most of all the cuddles I can get. I love the humans here, enjoy going on walks and am very polite on a leash unless there is a cat I can chase. While I'm usually mildly mannered, female dogs can trigger me, and I would prefer to be the only pet or share my space with a calm male dog. My grey snout shows that I am no longer a young pup, but I'm still very active and have no health issues. Whether my sweet personality, big ears, warm eyes or cute smile make you fall for me, please fill in an application.

January 2021


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