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Hola hola! The name’s Hector - what’s yours?

I’m just a young boy, although you wouldn’t believe it to look at me coz I’m bigger than half the adult dogs here, and I’ve still got big paws to grow into! 🐾

While I’m a big fella, I’m really a gentle giant. I adore playing with the older doggies here but am known to cry wolf a bit when they play a little rough for my liking.

You could describe my personality as playful and curious, I’m always looking for something to do and any activity, you name it, I’m there! Going for a walk? I’ll race you to the door! Got a toy? I’d love a turn! Wanna hit the beach? I’m ready to dig for treasure!

I'm currently being fostered by a really nice lady with horses and dogs and I'm learning to be a proper little gentleman dog. I think I’d fit in anywhere coz I’m pretty easygoing. So if you’re looking for a new best friend, I reckon I’m your guy! 

Fill in one of those adoption application things and I can’t wait to play together soon!

February 2023


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