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Guerro is the first dog we ever rescued! This means he has been waiting for his family for a VERY long time. He is so well behaved and never causes any problems. He likes to tag along on walking times in the morning but prefers to spend his days getting belly rubs while resting in the sun. He likes other dogs but generally spends his days laying in the shade in front of the shelter. He is happy on his own and is really just in need of some human companionship. He is so relaxed and easy going, happy to rest and get some pets and he doesn’t need much more than that. He is just a sweet kind hearted older gentleman looking for his home to finally retire in. NOTE: Guero has a problem with a recurring scar in his groin area. He is being treated but may need additional care after adoption. Please ask about this if you are interested in adopting him.

January 2015


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