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Hello! I’m Enrique 👋 I’ve been here at Amigos since I was a little pup and have grown up here, learned many things, and loved every minute. However, as some of my siblings and friends are getting adopted and going to their forevers, I find myself wanting to follow their pawprints and put myself out there too!

I’m a curious little guy and am always trying to figure out the world around me. Observant by nature, I enjoy people-watching, even when things have nothing to do with me 🤭

I never turn down the chance to play with other doggos, although sometimes I forget I’m a bit smaller than my friends here and if playtime gets too rough I run to seek comfort from the volunteers for a calming cuddle!

Really I love to be close to people, I can be a bit of a nervous noodle at first, but once I know I’m in good company I’m super affectionate and love all the attention!

If you're seeking a snuggly buddy with beautiful green eyes eager to explore the world with you, I think I’m your guy!

February 2022


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