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Hey, what’s up! I’m Elena! While my friends say I could be a model, I don’t really care about looks and am more of an athletic tom-boy type and would rather go for a run in the forest and fetch sticks than worry about my looks.

I’ve got many doggo friends at Amigos and I’m generally pretty chill when hanging with the fellas. Sometimes I can snap a bit when other girls get in my face, that’s something I’m working on though - nobody is perfect, right?

Call me selfish but after sharing my space for a while here I think I might fit in better to life as the only dog in the house.

While I love a bit of action and adventure, under my tough girl exterior I am actually a real softie and love a cuddle. I really just want someone nice to spend my days hanging with. I love being around people and can’t wait to meet my forever person. Could that be you?

January 2021


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