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Hey guys, I am Brenda! I'm a two-year-old, medium-sized doggo looking for a place to call home. I didn't particularly appreciate living on the streets, so I continued showing up at Amigos until they took me in. You may think I did that for food and safety, and while those were factors, I mainly wanted to be surrounded by kind people.

People describe me as affectionate yet independent. I am very energetic but appreciate downtime; oh, and did I mention yet that I am a good girl on the leash? I'm super playful, but not every dog is my cup of tea (I'm sure you feel the same way about humans, too, right?) It's worth mentioning that I am considered the best stick carrier at the shelter!

If you love hiking, running or other outdoor activities, you should hit me up so we can be adventure buddies and do this life thing together.

January 2021


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