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We are

we are an animal welfare foundation & sanctuary with about 150 rescues , dogs and kitties , located in rural Mexico , with limited funds and resources, rescuing starving , abused , hurt and dying dogs and cats.  We only rescue animals in life and death situations. 

we operate solely on donations.
You are : 

you are an Animal Lover, crazy as we are, you can’t tolerate animals being hurt and suffer, you want to do all you can to save at least one poor soul you feel connected to .

step 1 - fill in an adoption application
step 2 - interview 
step 3 - 
if approved, we will work together to choose the right match for your family
step 4 -  will look for a Flight Angel ( transport volunteer ) who will escort and get your new baby into your arms ! 

It’s easier to send a pet to a large international airport, like Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles, etc , more time is needed to send a pet to a smaller airport, please, try to be flexible and consider driving to a large international airport to pick your baby . It can take between a few days, up to a couple months to find a Flight Angel who will be flying to your location. 

if you are adopting a kitty, please, contact Adoption Coordinator directly to discuss the cost .

if you are adopting a dog - adoption is in effect when initial donation of $200 CAD / $ 200 US is made
final donation of $350 CAD / $300 US due no later than 2 weeks following delivery.  Your transport fees cover the following; Required vaccination and vaccination record (typically bordatella, rabies, DHHP), Veterinary health certificate (required for transport), Airline cargo fees, Airline airfare (if applicable - pets must be accompanied by a passenger), Customs fees, Customs paperwork, and all arrangements to get your pet from our shelter to your airport.

If transport cannot take place within 45 days of adoption approval, please, contribute $50 CAD / $50 US per month to cover shelter expenses for your pet until transport can be arranged.

When your child leaves the shelter and makes it home, we ask you to PLEASE if you can, START or CONTINUE monthly donation with ANY AMOUNT YOU CAN AFFORD! Every dollar helps and we have over 150 rescue kids in our shelters and many street dogs and cats we feed, and often we don’t have enough money to pay for their vet care or buy food for everyone . THANK YOU !

Whatever questions you might have about adoption process, expenses, or travel, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help, nothing is more important for us than to give our rescues a chance to a happy life with a loving and caring family. 

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